XQUIC-R: Exquisite Cars AR App


XQUIC-R is a cutting-edge AR application designed for car enthusiasts and buyers. The app offers an immersive experience allowing users to visualize various car models in their real environment, customize their colors, and interact with different functionalities all in augmented reality. Developed as a part of a project at MacEwan University, the app leverages Figma for design and modern AR frameworks for development.


  1. Real-time Car Visualization: Place a 3D model of a car in your surroundings and view it from any angle. Perfect for visualizing how the car would look in different settings.

  2. Interactive Controls: Rotate, zoom, or move the car model with intuitive touch gestures.

  3. Color Customization: Explore various car colors on-the-fly. A real-time color switcher allows users to preview cars in multiple shades.

  4. Detailed Car Models: The app features high-resolution car models that have been meticulously designed to ensure a lifelike experience.


The user interface is minimalistic, focusing solely on the car and essential controls. Dark mode ensures the 3D models stand out, and intuitive icons make navigation and customization a breeze. Every aspect of the design, from button placement to color palettes, was carefully chosen to provide users with the best AR experience.


Developing an AR application comes with its own set of challenges. Achieving a seamless integration between the real world and virtual car models was crucial. Additionally, ensuring the app performs smoothly on various devices, regardless of their AR capabilities, was of paramount importance.


The XQUIC-R AR app is a testament to the potential of augmented reality in reshaping how we perceive and interact with products. It offers car enthusiasts and potential buyers a unique way to interact with vehicles, breaking the boundaries of traditional visualization methods. This project showcases the blend of design and technology, creating experiences that are not only functional but also visually captivating.

  • Date

    01 Jan, 2021
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  • Client

    MacEwan University
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  • Platform

    Mobile AR Application